Adwen reaches a 630 MW capacity in operations

With the official start of operations of both Trianel Wind farm Borkum and Global Tech I in the German North Sea, 120 Adwen turbines, the AD 5-116, are now ready to produce clean electricity for about 645 000 households.

Adwen will also provide maintenance operations and maintenance services for both wind farms located respectively 40 and 100 kilometres off the coast.

Those two flagship projects illustrate the key role Adwen is ready to play on the European market, with the objective of garnering a market share of close to 20% by 2020. For the first semester 2015, Adwen almost reaches 20% of the grid connected capacity in Europe, while Adwen turbines represent almost 19% of the cumulated installed capacity in Germany. Beyond its contribution to the offshore wind expansion in Germany, Adwen is committed to develop economic growth with 550 people directly employed and partnerships with a wide network of suppliers and subcontractors across the country.

The manufacturing, installation and commissioning of 120 turbines is an invaluable experience that will accelerate the development of Adwen and benefit to the upcoming projects, such as Wikinger, Iberdrola’s 350 MW project in the Baltic Sea. The lessons-learned combined with a proven technological platform also offer reinforced foundations for Adwen new generation turbine the AD 8-180, which serial production is planned to begin from 2018 in Adwen factories in Germany and France.

“Trianel wind farm Borkum and Global Tech I are a new milestone in Adwen’s development. We could achieve those projects thanks to the confidence of our customers, the expertise and continuous commitment of our teams and a reliable and efficient technology. They will further pave the way of our rapid expansion” said Luis Alvarez, Adwen General Director.