Adwen was the second largest turbine manufacturer in Europe by market share in 2015

Adwen finished 2015 as the second largest wind turbine manufacturer in Europe with a market share of 18.2% of the grid connected capacity, according to the latest statistics published by EWEA. These figures consolidate the leading role of the company in the development of the industry and bring Adwen a step closer to meeting its objective of a 20% market share in Europe.

During 2015 Adwen connected 110 AD 5-116 turbines to the grid in two flagship projects in Germany: Trianel windpark Borkum (200 MW of installed capacity) and Global Tech I (400 MW). This enabled the company to reach a 24% market share in the country, where it employs more than 550 people and where it has its manufacturing facilities.

“Finishing our first year as the second largest manufacturer of offshore wind turbines is a huge success for us. It proves we can deliver excellent results from the beginning thanks to the complementarities that were at the origin of the joint venture between Gamesa and AREVA. We are confident that we will further develop and consolidate this leading position in the next years”, explained Luis Álvarez, Adwen General Manager.

Last year was also a great year for the industry as a whole. Investments in Europe doubled to €13.3 billion in a record year for financing and grid-connected installations. A total of 3,019 MW in new offshore wind capacity came online in European waters, more than double what was connected to the grid in 2014. Europe’s total offshore wind capacity is now 11,027 MW.

Germany (2,282MW), the United Kingdom (556MW) and the Netherlands (180MW) were the three countries to grid-connect new offshore wind turbines in 2015 with 14 projects reaching completion.