Close to 300 people gather at the blade plant in Stade to celebrate an open doors day

An open doors day was organized by Adwen Blades GmbH Works Council at Stade, gathering close to 300 people including employees as well as their families and friends. The objective of the event, which was supported by the company, was to bring relatives closer to the day to day activity of the factory and boost the team spirit.

The journey started early in the morning with a visit to the facilities in which employees toured their groups showing them around and explaining what their job is. After the visit they all had lunch together in the exterior of the plant and some leisure activities took place, including a clown show to entertain the children, music and a carriage to see the surroundings of the plant.

CastleAlso during the event a collection was organized to raise funds for Kindertagesstätte Bützfleth, a local kindergarten for handicapped kids. The director of the institution was present to thank the company as well as the employees for their support and close to 1,000 Euros were raised.

“It was a great opportunity to come to our workplace within a completely different setup, with family, friends, food and music. These kinds of events are great to show our loved ones what we do at work and they were pretty impressed by the blades that are stored for Wikinger”, explained Stefan Scholz from the Works Council.

“I am very satisfied because everything went well and I think employees and their families enjoyed the visit. Actually we were expecting to finish at 3 PM but we stayed longer because everyone was having a great time”, added Javier Trapiella, the plant manager.