Global Tech I

Key data

Customer: Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH

Turbine: AD 5-116, formerly called M5000-116

Installed capacity: 400 MW

Electricity supply: 445,000 households

One of Germany’s largest wind farms

Global Tech I is equipped with 80 AD 5-116 turbines  installed in water depths ranging from 38 m to 41 m. With 400 MW of installed capacity, it is one of Germany’s largest wind farms while, at 140 kilometres from its base for logistics, in Emden, it is also the most distant from its base.

The turbines were manufactured at our plants based in Germany: Bremerhaven for the nacelles and Stade for the blades.

The wind farm was commissioned in the summer of 2015 and it represented a tremendous challenge: up to 4 vessels and 200 people were employed by Adwen for the commissioning activities this year.

The electricity produced is enough to supply around 445,000 households and is transmitted to an onshore grid by high-voltage subsea cables (grid connection BorWin II, HDVC Subsea cables).

We will pursue our work for operational excellence and start service and maintenance of the wind farm to reach and keep high availability of the 80 turbines.

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