Trianel Windpark Borkum

Key data

Customer: Trianel Windkraft Borkum GmbH & Co. KG

Turbine: AD 5-116, formerly called M5000-116

Installed capacity: 200 MW

Electricity supply: 200,000 households

200 MW of installed capacity off the coast of Borkum

Trianel Windpark Borkum is a 56-km2 offshore wind farm that is located 45 km off the coast of Borkum in the North Sea within close proximity to Alpha Ventus.

We supplied and commissioned 40 AD5-116 wind turbines, formerly called M5000-116, and are responsible for monitoring and maintenance services. By July 2015, all 40 turbines were commissioned and ready to feed an average of 800 GWh electricity yearly into the grid, meeting the electrical consumption of up to 200,000 German households a year and avoiding 1.6 million tons CO2 emissions.

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